> Best Week Ever 2007!

No fun.
Bro, Linds, Ombah.
Phun at the Phillies!
Rebound that basketball.
Fun times.  Linds and I look awkward.
NJvS and Oombah
Manly Pedicures.
I didn't quite know how to feel about that pumice deal.
Mmm.  Pedicured.
Part of the PTS Quad Camping Crew!
I think.
Friends LOVING Freedom!
We are hardcore campers.  Camping in the middle of the PTS Quad.
I love mornings!
PTS Quad Camping Morning!
PTS Quad Camping!
After a day at Ocean City...massage!
Cree-Mee Freeze!
Scotty and Scottie.
Zach HATES Ice Cream.  (Hates!)
Preparing for our last meal in Mackay!
The Lord be with you.  My last meal in Mackay.  Ha.
Dave and the Lady.
Not an uncommon sight.  The guys supping together in Mackay.
Linds and Dean at the Phillies game!
Dudes at the Phillies game.
Phillies 11.  Cubs 7.
Most of our fun crew at the Phillies game!
Bell lights up during a home run!
Zach.  Bit.  A.  Bagel.  Off.  Of.  The. Wet. Ground.  Siiiiick.
First Real Philly Cheesesteak at Pete's in South Philly.
Mmm.  Cheesesteak.