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WOW! I would LOVE to see more pictures. I think my favorite was the lake you had your therapy at. So beautiful.
Did you get the couples name from Belfair? That is where our cabin is you know.
We seem to be playing a silly game of phone tag. So if we don't chat today, then know we're thinking of you as you are on your drive.
Love ya!


Once again, your pictures are incredible! Thanks for sharing them. Your music choices definitely seem to fit the beauty of your day.

What was the great news that you celebrated with your fancy dessert?


I am so glad that you made it through the park. West Yellowstone and YNP are two of my favorite places. It's fun to have worlds collide. I know Kevin. I used to dog sit when his parents would go on vacation. His brother is a phenomenal cross country skier. You really picked a good time to go. You wouldn't have seen half the wildlife if you went in July. Blessings on the rest of your trip. You will have fun at Ghost Ranch (I've been twice). Be sure to take a hike while you are there.

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