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it's sad to me that you're so close to my beautiful kansas and you're not going to see it! well, maybe you'll take another unintentional adventure :D i'm envious of such a long road trip. i've always wanted to go totally across the country. ahh, well, i'm setting for driving to maine tomorrow. have a good day of rest!


KANSAS, Josh??? Oh, dear ... what can I say but - another good reason not to talk and drive (a "momism" you know)! Glad you got turned around ... Love, Mom


Josh! You're blog is rad (yes I just said rad). I've enjoyed being non-productive at work while checking out your daily adventures. I laughed, seeing that your Dad and mine are practically twins, I know exactly what "sigh" your talking about, "Aaaand...when I saw the mile marker #1 and a WELCOME TO NEBRASKA sign, I did a deep Dad sigh, laughed a little bit, and pulled off." The older I get, the more I realize the apple does not fall far ;) Have a great trip, and I pray that God's hand is with you this summer.

P.S. Did you know you have an imposter (http://www.woodburychurch.org/Clevelandpage.htm)



Wow! Your shot of the day (of the butterfly) is incredible! The detail is amazing!

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