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I didn't get to respond yesterday, but I'm still laughing about your "detour". At least you weren't too far off track.
The butterfly pictures were beautiful! I still can't figure out why you would want one to land on you. YUCK!
Have a fun and safe drive to Santa Fe.


Hey Uncle Josh. I love you and I want you to write me a note for a necklace please. Uncle Josh I didn't get a butterfly to land on me either. Maybe next time when I go to the zoo I'll get one to land on me.
I love you! I miss you!


Hey Josh,
I'm trying to have a life, but looking at your site is way more fun! Today, in the event that you don't already know, is Norwegian Indepence Day!! A free nation for 100 years :) Our flag is flying proudly outside. As far as prayers go, you know who is almost 13, so pray for us both as love is immeasurable but patience is short.

Go M's
Hey, I agree, Boulder is way cool.

All the best,

Dave B.


Mountain lions. Ha. Funny.

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