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It's funny. This years mediocre is usually last years best! And this years best will be next years mediocre . . .

can a civilization continue like this?

Joshua Mikelson


I feel that we place too high of a premium on having the "latest greatest". Scripture speaks of being content with what God has given us (1 Timothy 6:8), and I really believe that many of us miss out on God's richest blessings in life because we are too preoccupied with satisfying our own wants and needs, instead of practicing simple gratitude for what we have been given. Scripture also commands us to refrain from placing too much hope in the present world (1 Peter 2:11); a large part of me feels that the stipulations of scripture and the consumer-mindset that is encouraged by our society can never be reconciled, and we must choose to either indulge our own wants and desires, or we can choose to look at what we have been given, and joyfully give it up in service to God. Just some random thoughts...I hope that your summer is going well, and you are in my prayers, friend.


We live in a quantitative spiral. No offense to Nathan, but it is only the best if he says it is. If you go to Target and Billy says another is the best, then you walk out thinking you got the best there. So, it really does lie within ourselves to decide if we are tethered to the idea of the best. This is the legacy of our country and our nature. It does well if you are the underdog and really do need to scrap and fight to reach a level of existence. But, if you are not the underdog, it comes at the cost of those who are oppressed in order to maintain that, "I have the best" lifestyle. I totally struggle with this and it is probably the thing I am most grateful for being challenged here at PTS, well, mostly by my friends here and from learning from people like Cornel West.

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