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Keaton was my favorite of all the Batmans so far. I think Val Kilmer could have been great, but the story for "Batman Forever" was pretty lame. The first Batman movie is still the best, though i havent seen the new one yet, and am looking forward to it.

Nathan Hart

i know it's too soon to claim this, but Christian Bale beats 'em all by a long measure. go see the movie and i bet you'll agree.

good blog, josh.


Keaton, hands down. George Clooney is the worst. Bale is not bad at all but still needs work on being and talking cool.


It's a toss-up for me. I like the humor of Keaton, but the intensity of Christian Bale.

Totally, Christian needs to work on his voice a little bit.

If you haven't seen it...do.


I agree with pretty much all that's ben said. Jamie and I saw it and were really impressed. It was a fun movie.

Keaton of course is the classic, but after him Bale did a really good job of bringing something new (and "intense") to the character. Though the voice was a bit OTT.

- kp -


Batman Begins...I have to say I agree with Josh. I saw it yesterday, mainly on the WAF review. I think that Christian Bale is a great Batman. He was not cheesy in any way. I think that I associate Clooney with the most over the top pulpy Batman, Keaton with the "weren't you Mr. Mom?" Batman, and Val Kilmer, although I love Val, with the "how much acting can I squeeze between my chin and my upper lip. I think Bale portrayed a very believable young Bat man and the story was great. It was a great bridge between reality and superhero.
Two thumbs up.

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