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(Sorry they are a bit disheveled...I am still learning. Anyone know how to be arrange those thumbnails?)

You could use the same width and height on each thumbnail :p


Ya, that would be too easy, Wisbin. :) I cropped those from pictures, so they are all different. Thanks for stopping by.


Your artwork is amazing! Thanks for taking the risk to post it. I totally related to your entry about roadblocks - I've had mornings just like that. I also really like how in the first entry all the receipts and bank statements are covered with the remarkable but often forgotten truth that our Father wants our hearts - I like how the clean, white space contrasts with all the clutter underneath it.
What a great project :-)


my gut reaction is i need to do something like this. cut and paste and rip and feel and read and write and color...and be me listening to Him. trying to listen harder.

(you can change the default size when you upload an image - click on custom settings where you browse to find the file. if you want to fill the column i find "400" works best...)

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