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- kp -

**Keep your soteriology off my christology!
**Keep your aetiology off my eschatology!

...and even more esoteric...

**Keep your philology off my technology!


Ha. I love Kellen Plaxco.

Special Guest

Do we have to make it an "ology" comment??


Dear Special Guest (though I see your email address...) :)

Be creative, do what you like!


Keep your headlights off my bumper!

(I hate tailgaters)

Special Guest

Keep your scoop off my ice cream!


Keep your "hands" off my "buttocks" - was the first thing that came to mind. Naturally. But in lieu of a bumper sticker, I'd definitely have to go with, 'Keep your cow off my carbs'.

And yes, I think more sleep is definitely in order. :-)

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