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Good grief! Where have I gone wrong? Not ALL Clevelands exhibit this unnatural fear, but all 3 of MY children? Sheesh (although, I have to agree, Stef wins this one) - at least she knows where her spider ended up, while you on the other hand ....

Love, Mom

LCpl Baker, Robert L. II  USMC

dangit....I saw two huge spiders today and didnt even think of taking a pic of it. My friend tortured one of them by burning its legs off, the other one got away from me. dont be afraid...just carry a spray can and a lighter with you at all times and burn the sucker.


Whoa, Bobby, Whoa. Not sure I could go for the spider torture...a picture will do... :)


Hey, all this could be worse. Here are the roommates my brother had to endure while deployed in Iraq:

Not only are these things huge and ugly, they are super aggressive and will charge and attack human beings.


Trajan. Wow. Wow. That's all I can say. (Oh, and also...sick.)


The culinary arts teacher at our school found a giant spider in his garage recently, and now keeps him in a ventillated plastic container in his classroom. Two of my students borrowed it from him for a presentation today. Yuck!

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