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Love it... and I can't figure out how to stream it now that I'm out of radio range... My secret NPR love is Click and Clack-- gross, I know.


Glad you're with me, friend. I guess we are the old people in the neighborhood.

peter eavis

Love it, too. Listen to it when I am on baby duty and it reminds me of BBC's Radio 4..which used to be the most civilized broadcasting source ever...till it became too confrontational.


I love NPR on Saturday mornings to early afternoon, but I almost never listen because I almost never listen to the radio during those times. I love to listen from CarTalk (my absolute fave, starting at 10am) until Wait Wait or Whaddya Know (whichever one is on last - frankly, they could be the same show to me). I'm not a fan of Prairie Home at all (it's just not funny) and I've never even heard of World Cafe.


Jenny! Glad you are in on the NPR love. However, I grieve about your distaste for Prairie Home. Sad. :)


'only old people listen to NPR'??
Thanks. Most Norwegians crack up at Praire Home Companion-regardless of age.

I like Death Cab for Cutie, too.

My age knows no boundaries.

Have fun with Stef and Ryan.


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