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kyle dawn

i think i pray it as a plea as well. although, there is a bit of fear involved because what would it truly mean to see God's glory? it's one of those things i pray in all honesty and then am humbled by what i've asked for and wonder if i really mean it...

sometimes i wonder if it's said with a bit of derision: God show me your glory so i can really believe. i need the proof. i can't make it without seeing a physical manifestation...

i can't wait to hear you preach on it!

Peter Eavis

I love these conversations between Moses and God -- and this is one of the best. Make sure you put up your sermon when it's done -- there's a lot in this passage and I'd love to see what you draw out. Me, I'd probably go for the option of saying how living in God's presence is not actually something that is offputtingly mystical or a deeply religous pursuit, but a readily-obtainable, pre-requisite for a great life etc etc. Moses has great experience of God's presence -- and he knows he can't do without it, and the somewhat desperate responses of Moses hint at that.


I'm glad you love preaching and the sermon writing process...I prefer an attack by bees.

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