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- kp -

Never have. Not starting now. I'll get one if and when I get the flu.

kyle dawn

i've never had a flu shot either. i was going to this year but then i realized it was $25 and i decided it wasn't worth it. krista got the shot yesterday and ended up with a horrible migraine...


No way. Flu shots make me MUCH sicker in a given year than flying solo.

Roberta Fernandez

Get it ... you don't wait until you get the flu. I got mine and didn't get sick at all ... be brave, young man!


My thoughts on the flu shot are: if it is free or cheap and convenient to get it done, you might as well get one. If not, it isn't worth it. I haven't had the shot in about 4 years, I'm around 150 students every day, and I haven't been hit with the flu yet. I've got this nagging cough/sore throat thing, but unfortunately, they don't offer a shot for that. You are young and healthy, so you should be fine.


I think I am going to skip it this year...good luck to me!!!

Hope (Stefanie's friend)

It contains thimerasol which is mercury.
Mercury causes brain damage and MANY other health problems, I know, my son has AUTISM, born normal, then regressed after his vaccines.
Read the contents, it will gross you out.
Besides, they can never pin down which strain is going to hit during the flu season, they basically just guess.
If you choose to get it, you're risking getting cancer, alzheimers, and various other health conditions. So what's better?
God gave us an immune system (a natural immunity) to fight these things, we have 3 lines of defense, our intestinal lining, mucous membranes, and skin. Keep yourself healthy, eat organic fruits and vegetables, meat, milk, etc. Get plenty of vitamin C, take vitamins, if you can't eat healthy foods(balanced diet). Good books to read about vaccines (which also contain aluminum,formaldehyde,monkey brains,dog kidneys, and sometimes even aborted fetus tissue).....books like, What Your Dr. May NOT Tell You About Vaccinations by Stefanie Cave, MD.
The Sanctity of the Human Blood by Tim O'Shea
there are many more!
Good website...909shot.com (National Vaccine Information Center)
Sorry to write you all a novel, but this topic is very near and dear to my heart, God's Word tells us to speak for those who cannot speak, and to protect the weak.
Make an informed choice! Do your research from different sources.
Hope Friese, WA.



Thanks for the information!

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