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Great album! I still prefer to pronounce his name "Suf" (as in Stuff without the 't') "Jan" (as in the abbreviation for the month we're in).


Uhm, you might want to check your sources; Stevens is an avowed athiest, not that it makes the song any worse. Great song.


Thanks for the comment, Dvorsk.

Ya, I have read interviews where he says a little bit of everything about what he might believe. For now it does seem like God is doing something in him and through his music/lyrics, for sure.

You are right, still a great song.


Sufjan went to school at a Christian college in Michigan and has been host and participant at a Festival of Faith and Music at Christian Reformed college Calvin - same one Bush spoke at commencement. He is good friends with Danielson who is very outspoken as an evangelical. So Atheist? I don't think so.


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