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...2nd or 3rd grade (third I think) in Mrs. Street's classroom.


6th grade english (last class of the day) ... ouch.


I was standing outside of my 5th grade class room watching it "live" to the north east. Since we were in Tampa, we could see it taking off outside. Really all that we saw was the smoke, you couldn't actually see the shuttle. But, when the smoke went in two different directions??? We all knew something was wrong when the teachers started rushing us back inside.


8th Grade Language Arts. My teacher went to college with Christa McAuliffe and set up us watching it. I will never forget her reaction. Very sad.


I was in fourth grade. My family had just moved over Christmas break from Georgia to Arkansas. I thought my new teacher was so cool for letting us watch tv. We were watching it live. It was really sad.


Let's see, I must've been in 3rd grade in Clinton, MO. We watched it on tv. I remember the teachers crying but I am not sure that the students really knew what all of it meant.

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