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Love it - but the question is - when will it be on TV today??


never seen it. sad, but true.

Joshua M

Love it. It is one of those movies that I am always intending to buy, but never quite get around to it.


Meredith! I can NOT believe that you have never seen this movie. For shame!


Leave it.


I'm actually one of the few in the middle. I enjoy the film, and will gladly watch it if in a group setting, but it's not one I've chosen to own, which I think says something since I own a bazillion movies, with an error of plus or minus 3. :-)


LOVE IT! Used to own it, but it has been missing from my collection for many years now...sad.

- kp -

Love it. To say "leave it" would be to admit a kind of entertainment snobbery of the worst kind. *winks at -drm-*


eh, I'm so-so about it, so I suppose I'll leave it.


Sorry, should have said:

Leave it (to Kellen Plaxco).

Not really snobbery as much as it is my awareness of my own finitude. I don't need to devote any more time to something I only minorly enjoyed the first time. Life is short...I'll let -kp- spend it with Punxsutawney Phil if he can find no better.


Apparently Phil said 6 more weeks of winter. All because of drm's movie snobbery. :)


Love it, love it. Not as much as What About Bob, but close. Bill Murray is just so wonderfully weird.


Love it!

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