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That's my son! WTG! Can we go there when we come out to NJ? :)


ahh, yes, i grew up going to k-mart as well. i have stopped at one here in jersey and it just wasn't the same as the one in my hometown. but maybe that's because it didn't have my favorite mechanical horsey...

that guy refered to as FISH

AH! you are the man. I join you in those memories. You are the one that really got me going on nicely scented candles. esspecially the nice hazelnut candle in the pretty blue jar. I am very glad that I caplitalized on that sale and got two of them. in fact I still have one left that heather will only let me burn it when she is not home because she thinks it is too strong. so it is lasting me awhile but i don't mind, in fact, call me crazy but I like to smell it every now and then even if it's not burning. Thats why I keep it in my desk.

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