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probably because i'm a new fan and only have the most recent cd, i really enjoyed the song fill it up again. that's the only song that i knew i really wanted played. i agree that closer to fine and midnight train to georgia were awesome!


um. collecting you. power of two. least complicated. closer to fine (do i even need to say it?!). land of canaan. oh i think that was definitely my favorite tonight. it's so great to hear certain lines sung out loud and in person....sigh....


Closer to fine, Land of Canaan, Chickenman (who is chickenman?). I loved the show and only had one disappointment...no "Ghost".


Oooh. Get Out the Map, and Land of Canaan, too (thanks Meredith for the reminder of the latter.)

Can you tell I liked the concert?

(However...I did NOT mention my feelings about the opening act. Umm. Another time, another place.)


Power of Two and Closer to Fine for sure! So fun to sing along with the Girls and the crowd!


That sounds so fun! The Indigo Girls are one of two bands that I liked in junior high and still like today. What a great playlist, too!


you should feel even better about your concern experience knowing that last night's follow up show was buried under 18 inches of snow...

but don't worry, they'll be back tonight!

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