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GO SEAHAWKS and get 'er done! YEA! Pure craziness in the Pacific Northwest ...


I think the Hawks will win. I just wanted that down for posterity. I really don't care, though. The Steelers are the more storied franchise. Ah...who to back?


GO HAWKS!!! Seahawks 31-Steelers 17
I can't believe the Hawks are in the SuperBowl. It reminds me of 1979 SuperSonics. I was only 7 then, but I still remember how amazing it was. Seattle - a championship every 27 years? Let's hope so for 2006!
David "not Krieg" Hallgren


Sorry Josh, Your Hawks have had a good run, but the Steelers will bring it to an end. I expect a good game with Jerome Bettis kissing the trophy at the end. Enjoy the game, and don't get to down after it is all over. By the way, I enjoy your website, good stuff!


Jeremiah. Don't be a hater. :)


...the answer to my previous questions seems ovbious now. Damn you, Mr. Hindsight.

- kp -

How strong is the temptation to delete this post? I mean, how strong, really?



Kellen. It's not.

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