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Emily Cain

Thanks for sharing that, Josh! It's always encouraging to know that we're not the only ones who struggle with things like that...

Your picture looks familiar: is it Devil's Elbow in Oregon?


Wow - thank you so much for sharing that. It is great to see how God brought you through that.


Wow, Josh - this is probably one of your best "blogs" yet - a very stirring and poignant piece. Brings back a lot of thoughts as you went through that valley, and isn't it great to see how God brought you through it - He is faithful!

Love, Mom


That time did change you and I appreciate your vulnerability and invitation to us to celebrate with you:-)
The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful places,to me. I can imagine that one day you will be walking those same beaches praising Him and claiming new memories.


Thanks Josh. Its crazy to hear that story from this side of the States, from the same place and the same beaches that you roamed three years ago. The grace of God covers all and God's faithfulness IS amazing. As I sit here on the Oregon Coast filling a similar role that you filled at the camp and in the community, I resonate with your experience. I've felt those same low places that you felt the entire journey. God has graced me with a beatiful wife to be here with and a definite day of departure. Bless you for listening to God and being faithful, even when its confusing.

By the way, I have a surprise for you and its coming soon.


Thanks, Josh-friend...I actually feel rather honored to have been a part of your life at that time. You are extremely significant in this place we call earth...and I share your joy in seeing how God takes the "trash" of our lives and turns it into "recyclables." Hugging you from afar...

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