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I have nothing to say about this. Voodoo...or something. It just sucks. APPLE - GIVE HIM A NEW *#&@#(@%*@ COMPUTER!!!!


crap. do you think it could spread to other computers?? i feel like i might be in trouble here . . . shoot. josh, exorcise him - i think it's your only hope.

THE Evan Smith at PTS

Or is it, yet again, just because you have a mac? I'm beginning to think so. ;)

Hope you get a new computer this time bud.


Last time I let my computer stay with Adam for the night.


Adam, thanks for your well wishes. However, just stop the voodoo, I think that would really help us all.

Sarah, I think you of ALL people, really need to watch out for the health of your computer. ;)

Evan, shhh.

DRM, indeed.


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