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i lost a foot too. about 4 months ago. i sometimes put 5 pieces of paper under the foot. i sometimes cry. other times i scrape tables with the nub that is left. solidarity bro. i feel you. if you figure out a way to buy one, buy two and i will pick it up from you in 5 months.


I appreciate that you have an endearing name for your computer. My iBook was starting to do this weird thing with the "J" key a few weeks ago: I'd be resting my fingers on the keys in the proper position and suddenly on my screen, wherever I was typing, would appear "jjjjjjjjjjjjjj." Not my favorite word. But it stopped somehow, by the grace of the higher power, who, mercifully, seems to have authority over my computer (which, to get to the point of this comment, does not have a name because he/she is no longer cantankerous).

Best of luck with your struggles with Jerk. That would make a nice title for something, eh? "Struggles With Jerk."



"Struggles with Jerk." Could that be my "Dances with Wolves" name, having to do with the issues with my iBook? Perhaps!

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