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I do not remember this at all.

BUT, I do remember those two kids on the film reel we watched in class who encouraged us that it is "better [to be] safe than sorry." No one, not even people I went to elementary school with remember these two kids nor the situations they laid out for us (like not accepting candy from strangers or getting in some strange guy's car who is pretending to know your mother so that he can steal you.


Wow! I remember that movie, too (if I'm thinking of the same one - I couldn't remember the name). I remember when the kids were designing what type of grandmother they wanted, they said they wanted her to be a little plump so that it would be comfortable to sit on her lap.

I haven't thought about that one in 20 years - thanks for the reminder.


Umm...no...I'd have to say I've never heard of the Electric Grandmother. But then, that's not too surprising, since I was getting ready to have babies in 1981. Ok, I'm old. I mostly just responded to let you know that I found your blog! And...I'm glad to be back in touch. Lots of water under the bridge, but I'm still Denise from Twin Rocks. You gotta love me...God says so...

Be well, friend...


It's been a long time since I've thought of the Electric Grandmother, and how we looked forward to watching it - a very unique and good show. Good memories. I think Maureen Stapleton was the grandma ... wonder if Elisabeth or Chase views me that way, only I can't make orange juice come out of my finger ... Love you!


OH my gosh!! I remember that movie but haven't thought of it for 20 years, or more! I wonder if it's still out there somewhere?? I really want to watch it again. I don't remember the fruity pebbles though :)


Well, I am glad that members of my family remember it, and that I am not making things up...I just wish others knew of it, too!

And Stefanie, you can NOT tell me that you do not recall eating Fruity Pebbles on Saturday mornings.

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