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It all sounds so plausible to me. But that's coming from one who dreams bizarre things all the time, like every night this week. I don't believe them myself sometimes, they're so weird.

By the way, I love your new banner. Every time I see a new one, I want to make a new one of my own. Ah, Photoshop....

Also by the way, congrats on finishing year one! I think we all should sing the doxology more often. It's my favorite part of church (Episcopal is where I'm going now); that and the last bit of the prayer after communion: "...world without end. Amen."


Dreams are great...you are right, April.

Thanks for the encouragement on the banner. I haven't been too sure of this one, but it is growing on me.

Also..doxology...one of my favorite parts of worship as well, other than the assurance of pardon.



hahaha... i'm still laughing picturing you hit the ground and immediately begin picking up trash... i bet you were still dragging your chute around the campgrounds or in the pit, or... but either way you need to thank gary for helping you out - picking up trash alone sucks in china.

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