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I start my CPE on Monday. I am excited to hear how yours goes and whether our experiences are similar.

Blessings to you as you begin your new ministry!


You are doing something I have deeply desired to be doing in my life. And I know you will do it well; you have the face for it, for one thing. Your face exudes genuine compassion, which is what the patients most need - a listening ear and a caring heart. You're perfect for this, friend...I'm excited to hear how it's going. It will become easier as you practice seeing each person through the eyes of Christ.

Joshua Mikelson


You are going to do great! God has called you to CPE, and I hope that this experience will deepen and strengthen your sense of call. I am doing CPE at Brooke Army Medical Center, and it is going to be very challenging. This is one of the main places that cares for solders who have been wounded in Iraq, and I know that I am going to be stretched and challenged in ways that I cannot even imagine.

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