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- kp -


And learn how to spell bro's name.


Personally, I think the new Mrs. Cleaker was brave to attempt this endeavor - something like that could make or break a marriage and kudos to Mr. Cleaker for being so forgiving .. and remember, 3rd times a charm.


laughing... hard.


thank you. i should get some credit for the fact that no one told me how to do it - i don't think you can be mad at someone for doing something wrong when you didn't teach them how to do it in the first place. i say, practice makes perfect. haha.


Whatever, Sarah. Keep telling yourself that. ;)


only someone as equally high maintenance as yourself would sympathize with my anal husband. it's hair. it grows back. bite me. :p


It grows back, but the meantime is, well, mean time. But, no, it's not a big deal. I think Adam could pull off the bic-ed look.


I just love that his sideburns reach farther down on his head than his hair.

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