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nancy craig

oh what a wonderful show...........full of mystery and drama :-) are there dinasours? what is going on? it only gets better. I really think they do such a great job of interlinking everyones lives together and giving you so much on their backgrounds so that you feel like you really know everyone.

I will have to agree...My name is Nancy and I am a Lost addict.

We tivo it every week. The new season is starting soon............yeah!!!


This is only the beginning my friend. You're gonna need it in the vein...


Addiction? Yes I'm familiar. I believe 60 episodes of Alias in 3 1/2 weeks might resonate. 60. 6-0.


I've been telling you this for how long??!! When will you listen. How about Grey's Anatomy? So good.


Dang it. I know, Stef. I should have listened to your TV advice LONG ago!!!

Sam, you ARE an addict.


Josh, you better hurry up - season 3 starts in a week...


One day, I was home sick from work and watched 16 episodes of Lost in one day...

JennySmith's right, just give in to the addiction.

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