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I've listened to my new Aimee Mann X-Mas CD several times now, and even the week before Halloween.

So, no, I'm not mad.


Your Aimee vs. his Amy makes for quite a different response.

All I can do is shake my head.


This CD is a favorite of my husband's family. It gets put into the six-CD shuffle of holiday music that is played while decorating the house. No shame. :)

sara randall

i have the cassette of tender tennessee christmas.... we listened to it every christmas while decorating the tree.


YES!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!! I have a friend in the world of all that is good and true. This album is a staple of my life. We will make popcorn and listen to it together while reading Calvin. I love it.

Joshua M

No worries, friend. I played a couple of tracks from "A Christmas Album" by Amy Grant the other day. I love her rendition of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing". And yes, I am not ashamed by the fact that I also enjoy her song "Tennessee Christmas". :)

Amy P

You must have just been feeling the launch of Starbucks holiday products on Thursday!

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