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i just bought the sufjan album the other day ... it's wonderful!


I'm a big fan of Sufjan....Sarah is good too...wait bro, where DID you get Sarah? ;)


Adam, I spent my hard earned money on my Sarah purchase.


I just bought the Sarah McLachlan album last week and LOVE it. My favorite song is probably the First Noel/Mary Mary or perhaps What Child is This, but all of the songs on that album are winners!

Amy P

I totally just bought the Sarah CD yesterday- love it!
My parents are in Philly this week for the CCI conference, maybe you should go find them :) Sorry we're not going south enough, we definitely want to get to that area- but probably by the time you're in Austin or something. There's always the PCA churches in Colorado Springs :)


For me, it is simply not Christmas until Jimmy Buffet has belted out "Ho, Ho, Ho, and a bottle of rum" on his album Christmas Island. In my opinion that is a great Christmas album!

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