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unfortunately, i often wake myself up by hitting my head or my arm on the wall. usually my head. when i lived in alex, i was always afraid that i would wake my neighbor in the middle of the night with the loud thump and the inevitable "what?! ow!" that followed.


In college, I was having a bad dream and I guess i was trashing around and punched myself in the face. I woke up real quick. btw, in my dream I was running away from NSYNC. Damn boy bands.


I once woke up only to have slept on my arm long enough to lose all feeling. Seeing the arm without feeling it startled me and I jerked away from it only to actually hit myself in the face. Because I'm that cool.


Sometimes, I sleep with books in my bed. One night I fell asleep on a book, drooled, it dried and then, when I woke up... the book was stuck to my lip. It made my lip bleed when I pulled it off.

There was also the night in San Antonio that a roach woke me up when it fell on my head. And also the night that my nose ring got attached to the lace pillowcase I was sleeping on...

:) I might have enough for a book on this topic.


One time I woke up and didn't realize that my legs had fallen asleep, so when I lunged my body to get out of bed, only the top part succeeded and I rolled/flopped onto the floor. It was totally sweet. I laughed for a long time.

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