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The Sound of Silence ... sigh


Here's a track for you.


Well...we all remember my scantily-clad evening with Madonna...


Oh, Adam. Don't talk of such things. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.


ani difranco- Knuckle Down Album


i really do have to study in silence. if i do choose to listen to music, it can't have any words. actually the only song i have ever listened to and continued to study successfully was no. 23 in a major by mozart. i just put it on repeat thus making it my most listened to song on itunes.


New faves for studying = Augustana, Stars of Track and Field, and Arcade Fire. Mmmm... I love raiding friends' i-tunes collections for my own new music.


Oh, how could I forget the late night emails about studying to Madonna and Pearl Jam while finishing Pseudo D papers. Those were the days!

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