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If you like Rosie, you'll like J. Tillman. You can listen to four tracks there, and find more here. "Lilac Hem" is one of my favorite song of all time.

Dan Morehead

Pretty Dress is a good track.

See also: http://mybackpages.typepad.com/mybackpages/2006/04/the_joke_is_on_.html


you should really see rosie live if you get the chance. i got to see her in october with damien jurado, and it was the best show of my life. her album "only with laughter can you win" got me through the transition from full time employee to full time student.


i love the song "let it be me". But I'm a sap.


"Since You've Been Around" is Rosie's best description of paradoxes... restlessness of love that turns us upside down... kind of like the Christian life, too! "Death Came And Got Me" for the melancholy days. "Wedding Day" for the carefree roadtrip days. Note: Don't ever watch the "Pretty Dress" music video online, because scary puppets might ruin the song for you.

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