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How do you go about getting tickets for the Colbert Report? Also, are they difficult to get?


Jenny, there is a link on the Colbert Report site..."Tickets." As I understand it, they are not offering tickets right now. I submitted my name in December.

Basically, when they are offering (free!) tickets, you email them your name, and the number of tickets you want (up to four). In response, they may send you an email, offering you tickets on a specific day (you do not choose the day). You have to reply to that email to confirm you want those tickets.

It is fairly easy...you just have to be available on the day they offer you...

Keep checking on the site to see when they'll offer more tickets! It is really worth it.


look at y'all all bundled up with gloves and everything. I'm so jealous! (no, really, I am.)


Cool, Josh, thanks for the info. I know my brother wants to try to go when he comes for my graduation, so it sounds like that might be a difficult task...

Amy P

dude, I tivo'd the show to see the credits, and Com Central didn't show them! But I did see the segment on SAHD's. Pretty funny stuff.


Dang, Amy! Ya, the skin lady talked too long, I guess...

That's fun that you Tivo'd it!

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