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i loved book it! i can't say that i ever thought it was a negative way to reinforce good behavior. i mean, nerds have to eat too. and, if parents use it as a treat, then kids can understand that pizza isn't something you should partake of on a normal basis. i don't know ... i can also see that sitting around all day reading books and then going to get pizza does inhibit the time for physical activity. are there other, better ways to reward bookreaders?


book it! = by far my most cherished memory of elementary school. i used to read 3 books at a time trying to earn as much as i could. if they get rid of that program, i may just have to reincarnate it in my own household so my kids can experience the wonderous connection that is books and pizza...maybe they should just switch it to thin crust pizza instead of pan...

Tiffany Chapman

Dude, I was totally a boot it kid too!! haha I used to have so many of those buttons with the stickers on them! yeah they were so cool. who cares if it is unhealthy. Pizza Hut pizza was a real treat back then! wo hoo.

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