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Must be some genetic predisposition - also applies to doing housework. :)

steven good

I logged all of the high scores on PUMC's pinball machine while I was writing my thesis. It has to be done.


Hey. I came across your blog through Adam Walker Cleaveland's links page...

I completely understand about the solitaire.

I have a paper due Tuesday that determines whether or not I graduate high school (it's 40% of my grade and I need this particular course credit to graduate).

It's amazing what all I have come up with to do instead of write that paper.

Have fun with it.



I agree, I am reading your page instead of studying for 4 finals.


Tiffany Chapman

yeah i happened to save the last 48 hours before my thesis was due for the darkroom. Litteraly I didn't leave that room for 48 hours. only to go to the bathroom, and even then i didn't want to leave. I didn't sleep eaither, and had all my food delivered. But hey that is what procrastinating is all about right!

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