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Mom and Dad

The aroma is wafting its way home ... and, will be be treated to Potato Rolls for Thanksgiving dinner? Sounds wonderful!


I looove potato rolls. Care to share the recipe? I'll trade my super-easy, best-ever tomato soup recipe!


Is the 2 1/2 cups water correct? The allrecipes version uses 1 1/2 cups, but the other amounts seem the same.


2 1/2 is correct...I adjusted that because the 1 1/2 seemed to boil off too quickly.

As the original recipe says, if you need to add more water to the potato mash, that's an option, too. Does that make sense?


Yup, thanks!


Do you have a favorite recipe for pizza dough?


I have so enjoyed baking this fall as well. I just bought a book the other day about making bread as holiday gifts and I'm quite looking forward to blessing people with something that brings such joy (both in the making and in the eating).

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