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Welcome to the club - we are currently living in Antarctica WEST with almost as much snow as you have ... and this is Spring??? Love you!

jaime stoess

oh josh. i am so sorry. we are having a beautiful, sunny day here in colorado. i think it's a fluke because i can't remember the last time it hasn't snowed on my birthday. say hi to the penguins for me.


Yeah, what's going on here? It's supposed to snow 3 to 7 inches today here in Wyoming...happy birthday to me.


Snow seems so foreign to me by now . . . I'm actually kind of jealous. All I did over spring break was bask in the sun at the beach and get a slight sunburn - how boring.


Yeah, PTS has had practically no snow this year. Ridiculous.

jason kenny

put some bird feed/ wildlife feeds outside your garden.


worldsareforming.blogs.com is what i need to be happy
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